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Why Work in Protective Services

Carer consoling upset elderly man

While there are drawbacks to this field such as long hours and low pay, some people stick with protective services for an entire career. Meeting people and helping people are just two of the reasons people make careers in this profession. 

More About Protective Services
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Red Tape

Red tape is an idiom for excessive bureaucratic rules or processes that unnecessarily slow down daily work or prevent good customer service.


A bureaucrat is someone who is employed by a government organization. The term is often used pejoratively.


Gerrymandering is the drawing of electoral district maps to benefit a particular political party or group. The term dates back to 1812.

Dangers of Working in Protective Services

Here are some of the most common dangers protective services staff face in their daily work.

Pay Grade

A pay grade is a level within a classification system which has a corresponding salary range.

Why Are Government Jobs Posted with Restricted Salary Ranges?

There are two primary reasons hiring managers post government jobs with restricted salary ranges: budgetary constraints and salary equity.

Classification System

A classification system is a comprehensive categorization of jobs that usually assigns a pay grade and a salary range to each job.

Salary Range

A salary range is the spread of salary amounts a person can earn in a job.

EPA Employees Warned About Their Own Waste

Talk about toxic waste! EPA employees are warned about unacceptable bathroom behavior at the Denver regional office.

Characteristics of Career Ladder Jobs

While not every job is suitable for a career ladder, here are the primary characteristics of jobs suitable to career ladders.

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